Which one you should more focus: React Native OR Flutter

As time is passing, nobody wants two different programs to build an app for different platforms. That makes a few of the multiple programs more popular in the field. Mainly, if you don’t wanna use Java for Android and Swift for iOS, you need to get some alternate program to work for both.


The most popular ones in the market are React Native and Flutter. These are the two app development frameworks used by thousands of programmers.

Both of them have great features and we can’t clearly say one is better than the other. Both have some differences, but if you have to choose one, you can compare them and then evaluate your needs. The one that goes best for your need will be your best choice.  Now we will talk about the language of both programs and compare them.

React Native

Using React, the React Native program is completely written in JavaScript language. As you know that JavaScript is considered as the top-ranked programming language all around the globe and that gives React Native an edge over Flutter. It’s an easy task to find Java developers and thus it makes React Native easy to program.



On the other hand, Flutter uses a language called Dart. Anyone can learn this language pretty easily and it works great when it comes to programming, but it is not as popular as JavaScript. This way finding a developer for Flutter can be a hard task and thus it makes the whole thing a little difficult. The developers with knowledge of C++ or Java can deal with Dart better than JavaScript.

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