Top 10 Computer Science Fields to start your career

We can’t deny the importance of computers and that is why the fields related to computers have been providing some major career opportunities. Here are the top 10 computer science fields that will help you build up your career.

Web Developers

When you talk about operating systems, web developers come as a hack of all traits. They have to build all the systems that visually appeal to the site visitors. They earn a good amount of money in this field.

Software Engineer

If you love playing video games, we think it will be fun to create some. Software engineers tend to earn a lot so this can be a great career opportunity.

Database Administrator

This is the person who evaluates all the data needs, develops, and improves the resources for information storage and retrieval.
Computer Network Analyst

All the networking between the data communication systems including local, wide, intranets, and extranets is done by them. They have to analyze the needs of the organization they work for.

Computer Hardware Engineer

They are responsible for the design and later development of computer systems and routers.

Information Security Analyst


They have to deal with the protection of all the systems from security breaches and cyberattacks.

IT Project Manager

They have to play the role of a coordinator among the team of developers and programmers to successfully complete the IT project.

Computer Systems Analyst


They are responsible for recommending updates and changes to all of the software and hardware systems for better efficiency.

Quality Assurance

They have to track, analyze, and report all the spamming and bugs in the system and make sure they are being removed to keep everything smooth.

Computer and Information Research Scientist

These scientists solve all the computer problems to help the developers work easily.

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