Scope of React Native as a programming language in today’s world

When you think about developing an application, programming comes to your mind right after that. So the thing is, how would you choose your programming tool because there are lots of them right there. You have to choose the right one for your framework and plan so you can create a marketable, high-end app.

As you know there are different software programs that develop particularly the iOS or Android apps, but what if you want to develop for both? There is a solution that will surely help you with Android as well as iOS and that is React Native.
If you ask if it is still a good option for today or not, the answer is Yes, it is.
Why React Native?

Today we’ll talk about it with the example of Facebook as one of the best programming platforms. Initially, it was launched in 2015, but in 2019, another stable launch was performed.

Mark Zuckerberg himself said that it would be better if they created more of it on Native instead of HTML. That says a lot about the program. React Native will allow the developer to not just create a unique and high-end app, but it will be sustainable too. The programming language that it features is JavaScript and it helps them access React that is its library platform to construct the interfaces.


Another great thing about this program besides the cost-effective feature is time-saving. It cuts down all the time that you would have spent in development.

Not only it reduces cost, but trims down the development time by a significant scale, thus catalyzing faster deployment in the market.

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