Integrating React Native with Unity

So there have been some trends of integrating react native in the gaming program. All the developers of the 3D community tend to move towards this integration and some are wondering how to do that. So, if you are already a Unity 3D game developer, you would know that this is a great technology to create 3D games and if you get some task to incorporate the android activity of React Native into the Unity game, this article will help you.

So, for starters, here is the easiest way to do that. You simply have to export your game into an Android studio project and the next step would be the integration of React Native into it. In this way, a few problems are being faced, the biggest one was that every time we had to build the game and run it with unity, we had to export the Unity game into the Android studio from the start. This task took a lot of time and was hectic, but if you really have to use the Unity module to react natively, you have to go through this process.


So, if you have to integrate React Native with Unity, you will have to follow the steps given below.

1. Start by creating your react native app.
2. Before the integration of the game with Unity, some pre-changes should be made like the addition of the CLI number and app registry.
3. Now create the android module for your React Native app.
4. Lastly, you will have to integrate the React Native app using Unity.

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